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The Classic Clydesdale's

Our Horses: Welcome

Our Clydesdale Team

Our amazing team of horses are both Clydesdale and Australian Draft Heavy Horses. The Clydesdale breed was developed from Flemish stallions imported to Scotland and crossed with local mares. The first recorded use of the name "Clydesdale" for the breed was in 1826, and by 1830, a system of hiring stallions had begun that resulted in the spread of Clydesdale horses throughout Scotland and into northern England and eventually Australia.

Clydesdale's were used on farms and vineyards for ploughing, cultivating, harrowing and so on. Horses have an advantage over modern farm machinery in that they do not compact the soil as much as some of the heavy equipment, thereby benefiting soil structure. We see horses still used for working in vineyards for exactly this reason. 

Our Horses are well cared for and enjoy a balanced lifestyle. We take the health and comfort of our incredible team very seriously and the needs of our equine team come first. The horses we select are chosen due to their enthusiasm, suitability and enjoyment for the role. All our horses also enjoy early retirement either remaining with us or to well chosen homes where they continue to enjoy the love, affection and care they have become accustomed to. 

We welcome inquiries to learn more and if you would like to meet our team in their natural setting book our 'Behind the Scenes Working Clydesdale Experience'. Reach out to find out more about our Equine Team or Book with us today..

Our Horses: Video
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Behind the Scenes Working Clydesdale Experience

Featured Experience 

Welcome to the Behind the Scenes Working Clydesdale Experience! Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Clydesdales and Australian draft horses in the picturesque Hunter Valley wine country. Join our esteemed Clydesdale team for an unforgettable journey where you'll meet and greet these magnificent creatures up-close. Be captivated as one of our knowledgeable Clydesdale and Australian draft horse keepers shares the rich history of Clydesdales in the region. Discover their unique diet, witness their impressive training techniques, and gain insights into every aspect of Clydesdale life as a working horse. Participants of all ages are invited to feed these gentle giants and capture precious moments with them through an exclusive photo opportunity. Unleash your inner equestrian enthusiast and embark on this remarkable experience today!

  • Duration: 45 Minutes (approx.)

Our Horses: Headliner
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