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Wedding Carriages

Hunter Valley Classic Carriages offers several Wedding Carriages.


Landau Carriage

This elegant and delicate, ethereal open top Carriage presented in deep luxury soft gloss black with gold and brass trim is an enchanting Wedding carriage for a stunning though understated arrival, designed to showcase the Bride and her dress, this is what arrivals are about. The landau is a coach building term for a type of four-wheeled, convertible carriage. It was a city carriage of luxury type. The low shell of the landau made for maximum visibility of the occupants and their clothing, a feature that makes a landau still a popular choice for Royal ceremonial occasions and Weddings. Our Landau seats four to six occupants. Presented in a deep gloss black with brass and gold trim and detail allows the brides color pallet, dress and detail to remain the focal point. This luxurious original Edwardian Carriage can be presented with the roof down or up and enclosed.

Victoria 7_edited.jpg

Victoria Carriage

This is an intimate and romantic carriage, for the perfect arrival and for secluded romantic moments and time out for the Bride and Groom after the ceremony. Our Victoria is an elegant carriage style of French origin, based on a phaeton made for George IV. A Victoria may be visualized as essentially a phaeton or brougham with the addition of a coachman's box-seat. This elegant carriage offers a sleek black body with white / cream leather upholstery. The Victoria Carriage has a half roof that can be presented in an up or down position. It seats two to four occupants making it perfect for a private elegant carriage for just the bride and groom alone, or with children or small adults.

Brougham 2.jpg

Brougham Carriage

¡This classic white and red brougham (pronounced "broom" or "brohm") was a light, four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage built in the 19th century. It was named after Scottish jurist Lord Brougham, who had this type of carriage built to his specification by London coachbuilder Robinson & Cook in 1838 or 1839. This incredible carriage offers up a luxurious red velvet and fabric interior, opulent crystal trim, wood grain and fabric door trimmings and detail. Charming inclusion of 360 degrees of wrap around and oval glass windows (windows on doors wind down). This beautiful carriage seats two to four and offers a footman's platform for genuine royal treatment.


White Vis a Vis

This fairy tale Cinderella carriage presented in all white makes for an enchanting arrival. This is a true Wedding Carriage.

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Wagon 6.jpg


This sleek black luxury wagon with gold wheels and trim seats eight to twelve and is perfect addition for your wedding party, guests or family. This carriage can follow our primary wedding carriage or offer a circular route picking up guests and dropping to your wedding location whilst you prepare for our special day.

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